Science & Technology

Science and Technology develops students’ skills in thinking, investigating and problem-solving. It gives them knowledge and skills in scientific investigation and inquiry, design and applying technologies. Children pose questions, test ideas, and develop and evaluate arguments based on evidence.

At St James School we believe that…

  • The use of experiments or practical experiences and investigations build student engagement, understandings and skills.
  • Robotics and design are not “add ons” but part of the real curriculum.
  • Field studies link the children to their real world and authentic learning.
  • Develops the building blocks of inquiry and students’ abilities to solve real world problems.

Gardens designed in Science and Technology and then built by the local Men’s Shed.  Stage 3 students teaching their Early Stage 1 buddy how to plant seedlings.

Stage 1 Student Collecting Eggs

Stage 3 teaching their Early Stage 1 buddy how to look after the hens which live in the chicken tractor designed by the Stage 3 class and built by the local Men’s Shed