n English, students learn to read, write, speak, view and represent language. They learn about the English language and literature through working with a wide range of spoken, visual, multimedia and digital texts. Students learn how language varies according to context, and how to communicate with a range of audiences for different purposes. They learn to read for information and pleasure. Students gain a sound grasp of language structures, punctuation, spelling and grammar and learn to think in ways that are imaginative, creative and critical.

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At St James School …

  • We use rich texts to build a love of reading, which will then compliment use of rich vocabulary in students’ writing.
  • We read and write for extended periods to allow children to become great authors.
  • We offer online reading interventions and small group interventions called STAR and MACQLIT.
  • We believe in building student capacity by providing explicit, modelled, shared, guided and uninterrupted independent writing time for students.
  • We believe good writers edit (for meaning) and proofread(secretarial) their writing and then we support students to further develop their writing.